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I love teaching and helping people!  I have been teaching fitness classes for over 15 years and still love it!  I started as an instructor at 24 Hour Fitness, taught a wide variety of classes at two small fitness studios and now... Swain Fitness!  I have been teaching pilates for over 7 years and have a full certification from STOTT pilates.  I believe that my robust pilates training has a positive influence on all of the classes I teach and each private training session.  I have a keen eye for ensuring that clients have safe, correct movements while also ensuring that they get the workout they came for!  I also have a degree in Marine Biology and worked in that field until having my first baby girl!  

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Client Testimonials

I love working out with Sarah!  In addition to my health, I need to workout to stay sane because I have a very busy life.  Sarah understands my goals and tailors workouts to meet them.  I am never bored and always sweating.   She keeps me motivated by changing  each workout as they are never the same and gently encourages me to aim higher with my fitness.  In addition to her studio having everything that I need, she has the knowledge to keep me active, safe, engaged so that I keep coming back for more.

"I've had a few different personal trainers over the years, and Sarah Swain is now my one and only.
Every minute of her sessions is filled with meaningful motion: she motivates, challenges, and is constantly making me aware of correct form and breathing. She also tailors each workout to each individual's fitness and strength level. And most impressive (and fun): each session is varied and different, which makes me look forward to my training days.
With her smart and friendly expertise, I've attained my best level of fitness, ever. I am totally committed to Swain Fitness."


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located in Long Beach and Los Alamitos, California